Retail Inventory Equipment

Are you looking for inventory equipment? We are developing Android® and IOS apps. These apps along with external accessories will allow you to take inventory.

The Retail Physical Inventory iOS app is live at the Apple® Store
You can search by "Jose Ponce" or "Retail Physical Inventory" or scan the QR code with your iOS device

Item entry and Keypad

Iphone screenshot

This is the main screen of the Iphone app that allows you to take inventory counts.
Retail Physical Inventory App will work on iPhones and iPads.
There is only one text field in which you enter your data. Below the text field, you have indicators that provides hints about the data that is expected. On the screenshot you see that Area, Sec, and Itm are in green which is letting you know that it is expecting an Area, a Section, or an Item number. The Red quatinty is letting you know that at this time Quantity is not acceptable.
A more detail help screen is provided so that you can see how this screen works.
In order to use this app, you will need to have an external Bluetooth Scanner.
This retail inventory app has taken into consideration how important is accuracy and efficiency while conducting inventory. The Bluetooth scanner allows you to quickly scan the barcode on the item then you enter the count.
You can load an item master into the device to validate as you conduct the inventory.
During testing we loaded around 30,000 items.
The quick help on this screen is: