Android screenshot

Delete Help

Starting at the top left, you see that you have three horizontal lines a.k.a. hamburger. When tapped, it displays the menu.
Each of the menu options will take you to another Retail Inventory App screen.

On this screen you can delete all inventory and the item master so that you start a new clean inventory.

If you want delete everything, select "All Areas" and "All Sections" and use the switch to delete item Master.

If you want to delete one area, select the area you want to delete and select "All Sections".

If you want to delete one section, select an area and select the section you want to delete.

Every time you tap the button, you will get a dialog box to make sure you want to delete. THIS ACTION IS NOT RECOVERABLE
Specific for Blue Chip Inventory Service, button, you will be enabled and allow to upload the section selected directly to webserver.