Android screenshots

Export Help

Starting at the top left, you see that you have three horizontal lines a.k.a. hamburger. When tapped, it displays the menu.
Each of the menu options will take you to another Retail Inventory App screen.

Conducting the inventory is great but the ability to export the data is what is needed to integrate with other systems and produce reports.
There is a label at the top and bottom of the screen. They will provide general information or errors that may happen while exporting items.
Retail Inventory App allows you to export the data in JSON format. Other formats will be added soon
Export file - You can type any valid name, include .json extension. For this app a valid name contains any characters and numbers without spaces.
You can export detailed files. The detailed file will contain every single entry.
Once you have typed the file name, you can tap then . The files gets created on te device
You can view the files created by using the Files app included on your devices.
JSON - This type is a popular format to interface with other programs thus we are providing it here. In fact, this format is the only format that the app exports directly to a server. The server is identified in the Settings screen.

After tapping DETAILED and JSON buttons, the button gets enabled. This button will upload the file to your local server. The IP is defined on your Settings screen.

When you have items over 100,000, the file may get too big to be downloaded using the download functionality on the Settings screen. The button has been added to allow you download the file from the server into the right location for the app.
If you have a server setup, you can download the item master from the server, but if you do not have a server, you can copy the item master in your Files app that comes with your device. If you open the Files app, you will see rpi as folder. Place your COMMISSARY.CSV, ItemMaster.CSV file in that folder then you can tap the button
The demo app only allows to export 25 items.
With the full functionality token, you will have a limit of 10,000,000 items which is virtually unlimited
To purchase the full functionality token, you can go to Android Token purchase
                "counter": "Counter 01",
                "fileTime": 1590135121799,
                "inventory": [
                        "area": "0001",
                        "section": "0003",
                        "sequence": 19,
                        "uniqueId": "ffdf9c8d-5529-4176-aa15-82846c6fd15a",
                        "itemId": "240808004637",
                        "originalItemId": "240808004637",
                        "baseItemId": "240808000004",
                        "quantity": 1.32,
                        "entryDate": "Fri May 22 01:08:54 PDT 2020",
                        "itemDescription": "Random weighted case test 02",
                        "quantityOnHand": 0.0,
                        "price": 3.5,
                        "department": "null",
                        "departmentDescription": "null"