Android screenshot

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Starting at the top left, you see that you have three horizontal lines a.k.a. hamburger. When tapped, it displays the menu.
Each of the menu options will take you to another Retail Inventory App screen.

This screen is the complete list of items that have been inventoried ordered with the most recent at the top. At the top of the list there is a search box in which you can type or scan item numbers, item description, area, or section. As soon as you start typing the list is filtered to show items that match your criteria.
On the screenshot, you see the area, section, sequence, and quantity. Below is the item number and item description when the item is found in the item master.
There are specific codes to see areas/sections.
Start with ^ followed by four digits will search for an area. i.e. ^0001 search area 0001
Start with @ followed by four digits will search for a section. i.e. @0010 search section 0010