Item entry and Keypad

Android® screenshot

This is the main screen of the Android app that allows you to take financial inventories
Retail Financial Inventory App will work on most Android® phones/tablets
There is only one text field in which you enter your data. Above the text field, you have indicators that provides hints about the data that is expected. On the screenshot you see that Area, Sec, Dept, and Price are in green which is letting you know that it is expecting an Area, a Section,a Department, or a Price. The Red quatinty is letting you know that at this time Quantity is not acceptable.
A more detailed help screen is provided so that you can see how this screen works.
You can use the app with the built-in keypad, but it is strongly suggested to use an external keypad. It can be a Bluetooth or USB keypad.
This retail financial inventory app has taken into consideration how important is accuracy and efficiency while conducting inventory. You can load areas, sections, and departments descriptions.
The quick help on this screen is: