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Starting on the navigation bar, there are two options.<Inventory will take you back to the main inventory screen. Save will save changes that you have made on the settings.
When the app is first installed, it has some sample inventory and sample item master and it also has some limitations in regards to the number of items that can be exported to a file.
button allows you to download the token that you have purchased to enable full functionality. With this token, the 100 items limit is replaced with 10,000,000 items which is virtually unlimited. To purchase the token you can go to IOS Token Purchase. Once you purchase the token, you will NOT need to buy it again with the same email and the same device
button allows a one time download of a token that removes the 100 items limit for two days. It can only be used once on a device.
If you successfully download a token, the button will be hidden.
The next three number show the last sequence, last area, and last section used.
and buttons will download sample files from the host/ip address identified on the Inv IP or Host field. By default, that will be As you use your own server, you will be able to download actual item master from your server.
The data is retrieved in JSON format. To view the data you can click on Sample Item Master or Sample Inventory
The data is loaded into the app and you can review the Retail Inventory App functionality with sample data.
Counter - As the inventory is being completed it is possible that more than one team member will be conducting the inventory. This will identify the team member. The team member will be sent in the JSON file that is exported.

User ID - User ID in combination with Password will be used to retrieve the token to enable full functionality of the APP.
Password - Password will be used in combination with User ID to retrieve the token to enable full functionality of the APP.
Inv IP or Host - Retail Inventory App has been designed to send and receive data from a web server. This server can be used as a common repository to which multiple team members can submit their count so that they can be processed and reports created.
We will be providing a simple web server for this purpose. More information will follow on this subject.
The initial value on the app allows to download a sample item master and a sample inventory file.

Login IP or Host - This is the server from which the token to enable full functionality is retrieved.

Max Qty - This value will be used to warn the team member that the quantity seems too large for the item. A sound can be used for this purpose.

Recent Entries - When using an Ipad, on the same inventory screen the team member can view recent inventory entries. This field determines how many entries can be seen on the Ipad screen.
Batch Upload - This switch allows to the app to communicate with the server on every inventory entry or send the entries in a batch.
Lock Portrait/Lock Landscape - This switch prevents screen rotation as the inventory is being conducted. The screen will switch or remain on the option selected.

Invalid items are allowed/Invalid items are not allowed - This switch will allows the app to warn or stop the user when an invalid item has been entered. When allowing invalid items, if the item is not in the item master, the team member will hear a sound but he/she will be allow to enter a quantity and continue to the next item. When invalid items are not allowed, the team member will hear the sound but he/she will not allow to enter a quantity for that item. He/she will need to enter/scan a valid item.

Item needs to be entered for new quantity/Previous item will be used with new quantity - If the switch is in "Item needs to be entered for new quantity", the team member will need to scan/enter item then quantity and repeat that as necessary.
If the switch is set to "Use previous item for new quantity", the team member will be allowed to scan/enter item then enter quantity in succession. For Example, the team member can enter 000000000012 then 10 enter 10 enter 15 enter, etc. In this case there will be three different entries registered:
000000000012 10
000000000012 10
000000000012 15

Error Sounds - There are three different sounds that you can set to warn the team member that something unexpected happened.
You can use sound picker to set the sound of your choice.
To ^ From - While testing the app with an external bluetooth scanner, when the ^ character was in the barcode, the scanner did not detect the ^ but instead &. So this is a way to work around that issue of the scanner not dectecting the correct character.

To @ From - Similar to the scanner not detecting ^, the scanner also does not detect ". So this is used to get around the issue.