Android OCR Plus Inventory Manual Entry

This screen can be used enter inventory entries manually using the keypad on your device.
At the top, you have and buttons that get enabled when four digits have been entered on the SKU field.
For example, if you want to change the area to 1234, you type 1234 in the SKU field, after you have done that, the area and section buttons will become enabled and you can click the button to set the area.
To change the section, type the section four digits then click the button.
The SKU field can accept alphanumeric characters. Depending on the setup on the Settings screens, the values entered here can be restricted.
You can restrict the values to a specific number of characters (length).
You can restrict to only numbers.
You can restrict to only items in Item Master or items that are not found in the Item Master will need to be entered twice

For the quantity field, you restrict the value by a range from a negative number to a positive number.
For example, you can restrict numbers betweetn -100 and 999 by changing the Min and Max quantity on the settings screen

You will get sound and screen dialog when restricted values are detected

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