Android Paperless Event Checking In Home

This is the home screen for the Paperless Event Checking In. The screenshot shown was taken when the setting is set to use the device camera. The re-start the camera after a QR or barcode has been scanned. The application stops so that you are able to view the guest data if needed.
Then is the camera viewing area. You can point it towards your QR or barcode. Once it finds it, it will retrieve the code and use to search in the guestlist.
If the guest is found, it will show the guest information with a green border when the status has changed to Checked In
If the guest is found, it will show the guest information with a blue border when the guest is already checked in
If the guest is not found, the fields will have a red border.
If the guest is checked out, the border will be yellow.
Below the camera viewing, is the code that was scanned.
A list of field is showing. The field values depend on the data was imported.
The last image is the image when the app has set to use scanner. This can be a Bluetooth scanner.
You can also type the number and press enter.
The app reads the code and it uses the device's current date to check for a code either locally or remote(online)
When you have Remote option enabled on the app, it sends the following pieces of data:
action -> updatePaperlessEventCode
code -> XXXXX where XXXXX is whatever code has been read
isCheckingOutAllowed -> yes/no. This is the switch that can be turned on/off on the settings screen.
isCheckingIn -> yes/no. The allows a guest to be checked out. Each time that the guest is checked in or out it is logged and the details are exported to the file.
jwt -> Jason Web Token. It can be default delivered code that is included initially with the app or the purchased token
currentDate -> The devices current date in MM-DD-YYYY format
This is the Paperless Event Checking In menu.

If you go to you can see the barcodes created for the Sample Guestlist.csv data.
You can scan them to test your file.
Note that the dates may be different.