Android Paperless Event Checking In Review

At the top, you have a search field in which you can start typing what you need to search on. You can search on the code, guest id, and guest name.
If you are using an external Bluetooth scanner, you an also scan a code to search.
You can filter the guest list by selecting an event from the drop down.
You can also filter by event and event dates.
Below the drop downs, on the left you have the count of guest that aren't checked in. On the right is the count for guests that are already checked in.
The count is bassed on the filtered list
On this screen you can also check a guest in. Tap and hold for a few seconds and the guest will be checked in.
If the guest is already checked in, if you tap and hold you may reset the guest.
There is a setting that can prevent from resetting a guest. You can turn the setting on/off.
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