Android Paperless Event Checking In Settings

When changes are made on the Settings screen, you need to tap the button.
Below the Save Settings button, you will see messages depending on changes you make.
When the app is installed, it comes with with some sample file that you can import to test
The app has most of its functionality available so that you can try it. There are two limitations.
First limitation is on the Import/Export screen. It will only export 10 items.
The other limitation is on online/remote updates. Only local file is allowed to be used.
To remove this limitation, you can buy a token at At this time, there three options to buy:
$0.99 is for 24 hours of full functionality
$1.99 is for 72 hours of full functionality
$100.00 is for unlimited usage
Please test the app functionality until you are satisfied.
If you have any questions, please contact us at Once you have purchased the token, you can enter the email that you used into the User Id(email) field, tap Save Settings, tap . If successful, you will see a message letting you know that full functionality has been enabled.
There is a switch to allow to remove the checked in status on the review screen.
There is a switch to use the camera to scan QR/barcode or to use an external scanner. When switched to use the external scanner, you can also type the code.
There is a switch to use local/offline data checking in
There is a switch to use remote/online data checking in
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