Android Processing Compare

At the top you have a search field. As soon as you start typing the list and totals are updated.
What you type is searched in the item and item description fields.
Besides the simple search functionality, you can search as follows:
l0 less than zero differences
diff0 Different than 0
eq0 equal to zero
g0 differences greater than zero and less than 10
g10 differences greater than 9 and less than 20. This also shows greater than 100
g90 differences greater than 89 and less than 100. g100 differences greater than 99
button compares your inventory against the quantity on hand provided in the item master file.
button compares your inventory against store counts/auditing. When you are conducting an inventory, the store can perform spot check on your inventory.
The store can use the inventory app and count a few items on area/section and it can be compared with your own count.
To accomplish this, the store count will need to be counted on sections that starts with a 9. For example if you have section 0020, the store can count the same section as section 9020. The app will know to compare items in that section.
button checks to see if the item master file included a quantity on hand that is different than 0. It will show a lisf items that were in the item master file with a quantity on hand different than 0 and they have not been counted.
The , , , and buttons sort the list. The first time you tap the button it sorts ascending and the second time it sorts descending.
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