Android Processing Review Inventory

At the top you have a search field. As soon as you start typing the list and totals are updated.
What you type is searched in the area, section, item, item description, and department description fields.
There are also specific codes that you can use for specific searches.
^XXXX when you start with ^ and type other four digits, you will find the area that matches.
@XXXX will match sections.
deptX will match departments.
The , , , and buttons sort the list. The first time you tap the button it sorts ascending and the second time it sorts descending.
When tapping button, it sorts using Area, Section, and Sequence. The list can contain the full detailed inventory data or items that are part of an specific file.
If you navigate to the Review Inventory screen using the menu navigation, you will see the full inventory data.
If you tap the row with the file name on the Home screen, it will take to the review screen and show items in the file.
Home Settings Review Inventory Item Master Import/Export Pack to Single Compare Totals Delete