Android Processing Settings

When changes are made on the Settings screen, you need to tap the button.
Below the Save Settings button, you will see messages depending on changes you make.
When the app is installed, it comes with with some sample item master and upload files.
The app has most of its functionality available so that you can try it to its full extent. There is only one limitation. That limitation is on the Import/Export screen. It will only export 25 items.
To remove this limitation, you can buy a token at At this time, the token costs $100.00 and there is not refund available. Please test the app functionality until you are satisfied.
If you have any questions, please contact us at Once you have purchased the token, you can enter the email that you used into the User Id(email) field, tap Save Settings, tap . If successful, you will see a message letting you know that full functionality has been enabled.
There is a switch that you can use to activate the expansion of short UPCs(8 digits) to 12 digits.
There is a switch that you can use to activate the conversion of packs to single items. For example, you can scan a 12 Pack of soda and if this switch is enabled, it will convert the 12 pack to 12 single items of the soda.
For this to work, pack to single setup is needed.
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