Item entry and Keypad

Iphone screenshot

Item entry and Keypad Help

Starting at the top, you see that you have a Settings and Review options. Each of the options will take you to another Retail Inventory App screen. There is also help for those screens.

Next you see Area and Section. As you conduct an inventory it is easy to track locations that you have inventoried. Later if you need to double check or show a report, the Area and Section will help you identify the specific location.
Below the Area and Section headings there are two buttons that would contain the actual value for the Area and Section. These buttons can also be tapped to set a new Area/Section.
For example, if you tap , 0001 will be set as the value for Area and the value for Section is clear. As you tap , 0001 will be set as the value for Section.
If you type an Area/Section that is less than four characters, it will be filled with 0 on the left.
If you type an Area/Section that is equal or greater than four characters, the value will be set as typed.

Next you have the text field that accepts the different pieces of data for the inventory.
To the left you have a label that indicates the principal piece of data that is expecting.
To the right you have an icon that indicates whether the item has been found(green) in the item master or it has not(red).
At the bottom there are four labels that turn green or red depending if the piece of data they represent is accepted or not.
Besides the visual indicators, there are different sounds that alert you of something that is not expected. i.e. The item is not in the item master.
For example if you tap . 0001 is set for the Area, the Section is blank. The labels will be green for and . and will be red since you can't enter those pieces of data at this time.
As shown on the screenshot, there is an Area and a Section. The Area, Sec, and Itm are green leaving Qty as the only red label indicating that any of the other three pieces of data can be entered.

The next section is the keypad. Retail Inventory App has been designed to work with an external Bluetooth barcode scanner.
Having said that, you can also attach a USB hardware keypad and it will work as expected.
Most keys/buttons are self explained but I will explain the blue buttons.